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Welcome to openbioprojects.net

This website is to inform about activities in the field of DIYbio*, Biohacking**, Synthetic Biology*** and BioArt**** projects. It is embedded in the international networks of the diybio.org , hackteria.org and hackerspaces.org. Furthermore there is lively exchange with experts from universities all over Europe, USA and Asia, as well as with german and US authorities and political parties.

Beeing independent from private, institutional or political influence, I try to give a genuine insight into this quickly emerging field of citizen science, reach out to the public, teach and fuel the debate about bioethics and future technologies concerning life sciences, whereby promoting an open sharing of ideas and a advocating a positive perception of science.

If you are interested in lectures, workshops, BioArt or political debates, or simply would like to know more about my work, please feel free to contact me (trojok~at~openbioprojects.net).

Do It Yourself biology. Describes anything that has to do with a tinkering approach on any biological topic.

The term appeared together with Biopunk. Biopunks do biohacking and thereby use biological material in a new context, give it new functionality or meaning.
I personally do not consider myself as a Biopunk, nor Biohacker, since I have a professional approach on the matter and do not only do it as a hobby, as the definition of the terms claim.

***Synthetic Biology
It combines science with engineering to create life forms with new functionalities.

The use of biological material or designs to create art, either by using living material itself or by using its design.

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