Ethics and Society

Curriculum Vitae

Rüdiger Trojok

Born in Karlsruhe, Germany, 1986


Skype: nib1st
email: trojok@openbioprojects.net

Education / work    
2005                           receiving university qualification at the high school for biotechnology, Ettlingen, final exam: Abitur
2005 3 months traineeship at Orpegen Pharma Gmbh, Heidelberg, working in the science and research lab
2006 / 2007     2 semesters at University Potsdam in Biological science (B.Sc.)
2007 - 20128 semesters at University Freiburg, studying Biology (Diploma)
gaining the qualification “Vordiplom”
2004 / 2005 / 2006 temporary employment at Nero AG, Ittersbach in the technical support
2007 / 2008 8 months scientifical assistant at Freiburg University in the plant physiology lab AG Schäfer
2008 / 2009One year working on a systems biology project at Max Planck Institute for Immunology, Freiburg, doing literature screening for B-Cell signalling
2009 participation in the iGEM contest about synthetic biology in the Uni Freiburg team
2009internship at laboratory of Prof. Maristela Camargo the Department of Immunology at the University of São Paulo
2010 / 2011research assistant for Prof. Murphy at Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies, doing 3D confocal microscopy on Arabidopsis protoplasts in the Zentrum für Biosystemanalyse, University Freiburg
2011founded the iGEM team Freiburg 2011, set up a lab from scratch with the team and then worked there independently for 6 months on rational protein design
July 2012 - now- Diploma thesis at the Denmark Technical University, Copenhagen.
- preparing the open-biology exhibition at the Medical Museion Copenhagen
- external advisor about open-biology for the office for technology assessment of the german parliament
2005 2 months backpacking in eastern Europe and Turkey
2006 5 months biking and backpacking in India
2009 / 2010     2 months internship in Sao Paulo Immunology Department with Prof. Maristela Camargo, Universidade Sao Paulo; then backpacking through south America for 5 months, including visits of: Bogota ext. Faculty for Biology, Leticia; INPA, Manaus, Brasil; the Immunology department of the Universidade Fortaleza, Brasil